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Bunnycop: On-Duty [v0.4.6] [Beachside Bunnies]


Nama Game : Bunnycop: On-Duty
Size  : 76 MB
Versi  : V0.4.6
Status : Offline
Developer: Beachside Bunnies
Genre: 2d game, 2dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, fantasy, furry, simulator, vaginal sex, oral sex

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Bunny Simulator

talkative — a dumb extra dialog set where she talks as much as i could put in
bunniesdontsweat — this stops sweat from building up
skipto30 — When enabled, pleasurebar will start at 30% on each start in the limo
blushiebunny — She will always show full 100% blush
speedup — When enabled, adds a button to the pleasure bar to skip ahead in time in the limo
futabunny — self explains
unlockall — Skips the kink bar requirement to unlock the 5 dialog variations when enabled
nocringe — removes a line about pre-coom, if you find it cringey
missletoad — replaces mistletoe with “something dumb” (mistletoe will only appear when the date on your device is in December)

More codes exist, but they all enable Patron-specific voice lines (saying their names and stuff) and aren’t worth your time trying
Saweria: Klik Disini
Mandiri: 1740004968574 [A.P JATI NEGARA]
Gopay: 082286344446 [AnggaPutraJN]
Dana: 082286344446 [A.P JATI NEGARA MA]
Shopeepay: 082286344446 [AnggaPutraJN]

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