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Abyss of Pleasure [v0.1 Remastered]

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Nama Game : Abyss of Pleasure
Size  PC: 276 MB
Versi  : v0.1 Remastered
Developer: Jpegsama
Censored: No
Genre: 3dcg, female protagonist, adventure, fantasy, monster, rape, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, turn based combat, big ass, big tits, group sex, 2d game
Language: English
Os: Windows/LINUX, Android
Status : Offline
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For PC (Windows/LINUX)
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Google Drive : Download(276 MB)
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Kejahatan berkuasa di dunia, sebagian besar kerajaan manusia diperbudak oleh kekuatan kegelapan, dan mereka yang tersisa bertahan dengan kekuatan terakhir mereka. Orang-orang membuat legenda tentang artefak kuno yang disebut “Onems”. Dikatakan bahwa jika Anda mengumpulkan semuanya, maka Anda bisa mendapatkan kendali penuh atas kekuatan kegelapan. Ada rumor yang mengatakan bahwa ini hanyalah dongeng untuk menenangkan orang.

Penyihir Erina melakukan perjalanan melalui jurang kuno tempat semua monster dikabarkan berasal. Para penyihir tua meyakinkannya bahwa legenda “onem” bukan sekadar legenda. Dalam perjalanan, dia harus bertemu banyak monster dan hanya orang jahat… Tapi penyihir itu belum curiga ada yang tidak beres dengan dirinya…

Evil reigns in the world, most of the human kingdoms are enslaved by the forces of darkness, and those that remain are defending with their last strength. People make up legends about ancient artifacts called “Onems”. It is said that if you collect them all, then you can gain complete control over the forces of darkness. There are rumors that this is just a fairy tale to calm people down.

The witch Erina travels through the ancient abyss where all the monsters are rumored to come from. The old witches convinced her that the “onem” legend was not just a legend. On her way, she will have to meet a lot of monsters and just bad people… But the witch does not yet suspect that something is wrong with her…


v0.1 Remastered

  • – A new story about how a witch turned into stone wakes up in a world of darkness.
  • – Brand new locations, I mixed a lot of different textures, improved the details.
  • – New active battle system like classic zelda, but a little more complicated. I improve Mog Hunter’s ABS, added moaning and screen shake when character taking damage. A portrait is also shown when you get critical health damage. Monsters will do something to the character if you lose!
  • – The main character is now called not Erina, but Erika, as it was originally planned.
  • – Added and improved 3 H-scenes: slime, wolf and goblins. In addition to pictures, there is now pixel art animation.
  • – Added a quest system. You can take quests in the town tavern, after which they will appear on the world map.
  • – Added a potion-making system! You can collect herbs and make potions from them.
  • – Added a leveling system similar to souls-like games. The game currency acts as lvl-experience and money at the same time. You can improve any characteristic, and a kind fireball named Leo will help you in this, don’t worry, you’ll get to know him in the game.
  • – I have added achievements to the game, so far there is only one.

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